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Chumi Gyatse

Sacred, Serene and Healing

"Visit Chumi Gyatse in Tawang for peace and healing. Its sacred waters bring serenity and calm to all who come."

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As a premier tour operator and top travel agency specializing in the Himalayan region, we offer exclusive tour packages for Bum La Pass, Holy Water, and Sangestar Lake. Explore our diverse selection of tours and book your preferred adventure today. Start your journey of discovery now.

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₹ 21,500/-

5N6D Tour to Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

Guwahati - Dirang(1N) - Tawang3(N) - Bomdila(1N) - Guwahati

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₹ 28,700/-

7N8D Full Tawang Tour, Aruanchal Pradesh

Guwahati - Dirang - Tawang - Bomdila - Guwahati

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₹ 25,000/-

6N7D Dirang Tawang Tour package

Guwahati - Dirang - Tawang - Bomdila - Guwahati

Tawang Town.jpg

₹ 4,500/-

2 Day Tawang Tour, Arunachal Pradesh

Guwahati - Tawang

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"Our trip to Tawang was incredible! From sunny views to a snowy wonderland, it was like two adventures in one. Thanks to #ExploreTawang, we enjoyed every moment stress-free. Delicious food and cozy hotels made it even better. A truly memorable journey!"

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